Timing definition for interventions of closing skull vault defects

Цех Д.В., Сакович В.П., Бухер М.М.


The number of victims with posttraumatic bone defects is constantly growing due to the increase of severe craniocerebral trauma incidence and due to surgical activity. The analysis has been made in 35 patients operated on within the period of 2004-2009 and subjected to the procedure of early cranioplasty due to the development of an extensive skull vault defect after decompression cranial trepanation. Good aesthetic and functional results were achieved in all the patients operated, as well as general condition improvement and the absence of purulent-and-septic complications. Early cranioplasty appears to be a safe and important surgical intervention.


skull vault defects, decompression cranial trepanation, early reconstructive surgical interventions


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