Primary endoprosthetics for proximal femoral fractures

Слободской А.Б., Лежнев А.Г., Бадак И.С., Дунаев А.Г., Быстряков П.А.


Primary endoprosthetics was performed in 88 patients with extra-articular fractures of femoral neck, as well as with intertrochanteric and transtrochanteric fractures. There were the following indications to surgery: advanced age of patients, accompanying osteoporosis, pathology of the hip on the side of involvement and that of the adjacent one, the history of the hip trauma and some others. The revision endoprostheses of ESI (Russia) and Zimmer (USA) firms were used. Excellent and good results within the periods of 1-6 years were observed in 69.2% of patients, satisfactory results – in 15.3%. Unsatisfactory results took place in 4 patients (5.6%) due to the development of complications in the late period - from 4 months to 5.5 years. Purulent complications were diagnosed in 2 patients and instability of endoprosthesis components – in 2 patients more. In this connection revision interventions were performed with satisfactory result. It has been established that the use of modern revision implants for endoprosthetics of the hip in case of extra-articular fractures of proximal femur and individual selection of the implants allows to obtain good functional and anatomic results for long terms.


intertrohantheric fractures, transtrochanteric fractures, endoprosthetics


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