Objectivization of severity, character, complication presence and treatment results in patients with injuries of pelvic bones and acetabulum

Шлыков И.Л., Кузнецова Н.П.


Diagnostic algorithm has been developed and introduced in patients with injuries of pelvic bones and acetabulum, the use of which allows to reduce the number of diagnostic errors at pre-hospital and hospital stages, to objectivize the severity and character of pelvic trauma. The scheme to predict the types of functional disorders has been proposed at the expense of objective analyzing patient’s clinical-and-biomechanical status for the purpose of rational selecting the tactics patient management and an estimating the expected results of restoration of the locomotor system function. Immunological monitoring has been applied to predict the development of inflammatory complications, periods of reparative regeneration and to take them into account when planning an individual program for treatment of such patients.


injuries of pelvic bones and acetabulum, diagnostic algorithm


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