The use of rod devices with reposition units for treatment of forearm bone shaft fractures

Купкенов Д.Э.


Difficulties in treatment of bone fractures of the forearm are caused by its anatomic structure complexity and its function variety. Transosseous osteosynthesis with rod devices as a little invasive and functional method of treatment can be a method of choice for shaft fractures of the forearm bones. We have developed and use rod devices with reposition units for surgical treatment of forearm shaft bone fractures. The work deals with the results of treatment of the forearm shaft bone fractures in 22 patients subjected to transosseous osteosynthesis with rod devices. Long-term results have been studied in 22 patients within the period of 2006-2009. Good results were obtained in 20 (91%) patients, satisfactory ones – in 2 (9%) patients.


bone fractures of the forearm, separate transosseous osteosynthesis, a rod device


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