Use of the Ilizarov fixator modulus for treatment of humeral proximal end fractures in children

Ходжаев Р.Р., Каримов М.У.


Improvement of the results of surgical treatment of proximal humeral fractures in children and adolescents using the osteosynthesis technique proposed by us. The study was performed in 71 children and adolescents at the age of 7 -14 years admitted for the diagnosis of proximal humeral fracture. Among them the traditional conservative treatment was performed in 8 (11.27%) patients, the procedure by the proposed technique of intra- and extramedullary compression osteosynthesis using a device based on the Ilizarov fixator was performed in 63 (88.73%) patients. As a result of using this technique in 63 children our study demonstrated that excellent results were achieved in 12 (19.05%) patients, good – in 46 (73.01%) and satisfactory – in 5 (7.94%) patients. There were no unsatisfactory results. The analysis of the immediate and long-term results of treatment allows to conclude that both correct determination of indications and precise technical performance is the guarantee of good anatomic-and-functional results in children and adolescents with difficult fractures of proximal humerus.


child injuries, humeral fracture, stable-and-functional osteosynthesis


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