The condition of skin extracellular matrix in experimental animals for leg lengthening according to Ilizarov

Горбач Е.Н., Матвеева Е.Л., Романенко С.А., Накоскина Н.В., Еманов А.А.


A complex study of the content and distribution of different glycosaminoglycane classes in the skin integument tissues of the leg being lengthened by the Ilizarov method has been performed. It has been revealed that fibrillogenesis signs appear in derma in the period of distraction, and the fibrillogenesis peak takes place in the period of fixation. The content of glycosaminoglycanes in epidermis and skin derivatives varies that is associated with the changes in the proliferative and biosynthetic activity of these structures in different experimental periods.


skin integument, transosseous distraction osteosynthesis, glycosaminoglycanes


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