Laser flowing cytometry in the laboratory immunological monitoring of the knee and the hip endoprosthetics

Волокитина Е.А., Чепелева М.В.


The work deals with the algorithm developed for the first time and intended for examination of patients with Stage III osteoarthrosis using the method of laser flowing cytometry (typing of peripheral blood lymphocytes) at different stages of the knee or the hip endoprosthetics (before implantation, after 5-7, 18-21 days, 4-7, 10-14, 22-24 months after surgery). The investigation of cellular immunity values (CD3+, CD3+CD4+, CD3+CD8+, CD3-CD19+, CD3-CD16+CD56+, CD3+CD16+CD56+, CD3+CD25+, CD3+HLA-DR) in these periods allows to predict the course of postoperative period, as well as to reveal patients from the group of risk of developing the sluggish pyo-inflammatory process in the zone of instable artificial joint implantation.


immune phenotyping, osteoarthrosis, endoprosthetics


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