Current approaches to surgical management of craniofacial trauma

Бухер М.М., Сакович В.П., Цех Д.В.


Surgery of craniofacial injuries is one of dynamically developing sections of neurosurgery. Definition of the timing of facial bone fracture treatment has been shifted towards earlier interventions in the world medicine in the past two decades. The analysis of
patients treated for craniofacial injuries in the period of 2007–2010 has been made. Surgical treatment of the fractures of the upper and middle facial zone bones has led to deterioration of the brain injury process in no patients. Good esthetic and functional results have been achieved postoperatively in all the patients. Reconstructive surgical interventions for the fractures of the upper and middle facial zones can be performed as early as it is possible.


craniofacial injury, upper-face injury, mid-face injury, reconstructive interventions, early surgical treatment


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