Surgical orthopaedic management of cerebral palsy in adults: literature review and preliminary analysis of our treatment experience

Gatamov O.I., Chibirov G.M., Borzunov D.Y., Popkov D.A.


Improving the quality of care has led to an increase in the life expectancy of patients with cerebral palsy and in the number of adult patients suffering from cerebral palsy. However, functional motor limitations aggravate after their physiological growth completion and the risk of pain increases.
The aim of this work was to study the literature on the problem of surgical orthopedic treatment in adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy belonging to GMFCS levels I-IV of motor disorders as well as to make a preliminary analysis of the surgical orthopedic treatment performed in this category of patients at our institution.
Materials and methods
The results of multi-level single-event interventions were studied in 165 patients older than 16 years. The sample for analysis included cases that met the following criteria: age of 16 years and older, spastic types of cerebral palsy, GMFCS levels I–IV. In addition, some patients underwent botulinum therapy during the stages of surgical treatment. Results The maximum functional effect was manifested 12–24 months after the surgery if proper early and subsequent rehabilitation was provided. According to the Gillette Functional Assessment Questionaire, motor abilities improved in 81.3 %. Multilevel interventions included 2.3–3.5 elements on average during one surgical session. Current literature postulates the implementation of multi-level single-event interventions and indications for surgery and follow-up control are studied at a motion analysis laboratory.
Multi-level orthopedic interventions are indicated for patients who have completed physiological growth. Techniques of such interventions should provide early functional activity. Surgical orthopedic treatment in adult patients with cerebral palsy should be performed by the staff and at an institution that specialize in neuro-orthopedics


cerebral palsy, adults, multi-level orthopedic interventions, botulinum therapy

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