The analysis of the main osteosynthesis techniques in treatment of metadiaphyseal and diaphyseal femoral fractures

Реквава Г.Р., Лазарев А.Ф., Жадин А.В., Цискарашвили А.В., Кузьменков К.А.


The stabilizing potentials of modern intramedullary and internal metalworks, and those of biomechanically reasonable osteosynthesis
with the Ilizarov device have been studied for fixation of typical simple /two-lever/ femoral fractures according to the biomechanical
classification of long bone fractures, as well as the strength characteristics of the descending constructions, in 42 cadaveric femoral
non-fixed preparations under the conditions of experimental modeling using w+b (walter + bai ag) «LFV-10-T50» universal testing machine (Switzerland). The clinical analysis of the effectiveness of the techniques of descending and transosseous fixation has been made based on the results of treatment of 57 patients with femoral metadiaphyseal and diaphyseal fractures, treated in TsITO in the period of 2003–2009. As a result of the experimental studies performed, we have demonstrated that fixation with modern intramedullary and internal metalworks for simple femoral fractures doesn’t not always meet the requirements of the biomechanical
conception of fragment fixation.


femur; fracture; treatment; comparative analysis of osteosynthesis techniques


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