Integration of bone tissue to porous titanium implants with diamond-like nanocoatings

Макарова Э.Б., Захаров Ю.М., Рубштейн А.П., Исайкин А.И.


The experiment has been performed in vitro and in vivo in 29 adult rabbits. The influence of titanium matrix diamond-like carbon nanocoating (a-C) on the cell viability, adhesion, NADPH-oxidase activity, colony-forming ability of myelocariocytes; on the morphology and strength of neoformations in the pores of bone tissue implants was investigated. The increase of cell viability, clonogenic ability of myelocariocytes in the presence of titanium samples with a-C titanium has been revealed. The use of carbon diamond-like nanocoating leads to the formation of more mature and strong bone tissue in the implant pores. The use of the nanocoating slows the sclerosing processes of newly formed bone tissue.


porous titanium; implants; diamond-like coating; bone; stromal cells


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