Phagocytic activity values of peripheral blood neutrophiles in patients with developed endoprosthesis instability in the long-term periods after implantation of large joints

Кузнецова Е.И., Чепелева М.В., Камшилов Б.В.


The algorithm of examination of patients with III stage osteoarthrosis is presented in the work, being based on determining the peripheral blood neutrophile phagocytic activity (NPA) in the long-term periods (12–24 months) after the knee and the hip endoprosthetics, that can be used to predict the course of late postoperative period and to reveal the patients with implant instability development from the risk group. The most informative values in assessing the postoperative process and predicting the character of endoprosthesis instability have been revealed to be phagocytic value (PV), the value of phagocytosis completion (VPC), the number of active phagocytes (NAP).


neutrophile phagocytic activity; osteoarthrosis; endoprosthesis instability


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