Endoprosthetics of the shoulder

Слободской А.Б., Бадак И.С.


The experience of the orthopedic department the Saratov regional clinical hospital in the shoulder endoprosthetics is presented in the work. 64 surgeries of primary monopolar endoprosthetics of the shoulder have been performed using endoprostheses produced by Endoservis (Russia), the main indications and contra-indications to the surgery have been developed. The technique of surgery and postoperative rehabilitation has been described. The estimation of results was made in the periods from 9 months to 4 years after the surgery using Swanson scale for the shoulder (A.B.Swanson shoulder score 1989). The results of treatment have been studied in 43 patients in the period from 1 to 3.5 years after the shoulder endoprosthetics surgery. Good and excellent results (>20 points) have been obtained in 31 patients (72.1%); satisfactory results (15–19 points) — in 11 patients (25.6%). An unsatisfactory result was observed in one patient (2.3%) in whom deep suppuration of endoprosthesis area was developed, and in this connection the implant was removed. It has allowed to consider the experience of using the shoulder monopolar endoprotheses by Endoservis (Russia) as positive and perspective for further use.


the shoulder (joint); endoprosthetics


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