Characteristic features of complex diagnostics and surgical tactics in postoperative sternomediastinitis treatment

Потемкин А.В., Цейликман В.Э., Синицкий А.И.


Purulent postoperative sternomediastinitis is a severe form of surgical infection, it is characterized by sternum and anterior mediastinum involvement and is often combined with suppuration of postoperative wounds. Sternomediastinitis is a manifestation of exudative-anddestructive inflammation, and the process of lipid peroxidation is one of this inflammation components. The results of treatment of 19 patients with postoperative sternomediastinitis have been analyzed. The average duration of treatment was 25–55 days, mortality — 10.5%. The dependence of lipid peroxidation activation on the degree of exudative-and-destructive inflammation manifestation has been established, thereby suggesting the possibility of using the values of free radical oxidation as markers.


sternomediastinitis; free radical oxidation


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