Topographical characteristic of lateral curvature arcs for the spine deformities

Батршин И.Т.


Screening of 18500 children of Nizhnevartovsk has been performed for a vertebral deformity by computer optical topography method, and thereby 2115 (11.4 %) children with scoliosis have been revealed. The aim is to characterize scoliosis primary and secondary arcs. The spine deformities below 10º have been ascertained to be, as a rule, non-structural and, mainly, to be localized on the left in the lumbar and thoracolumbar spine with unmarked and little-marked upper compensatory arc on the right in the thoracic spine. On the contrary, the spine deformities above 10º, as a rule, are structural and localized mainly on the right in the thoracic spine with secondary compensatory arc in the opposite lumbar spine. In the exceptional cases, when the compensation mechanism is insufficient, an additional third curvature arc is formed.


scoliosis; children; primary and secondary curvature arc


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