Possibilities of unilateral chest hypoplasia correction for the spine deformities in children with great growth potency

Рябых С.О., Ульрих Э.В.


A group of patients below 7 years of age with unilateral chest hypoplasia and congenital scoliosis through segmentation disorder and combined vertebral failures, developmental costal defects, as well as with idiopathic, paralytic (denervation) and systemic scolioses has been analyzed. The character of initial deformity, the rate of progressing the spine and chest deformity and their correlation depending on age period have also been analyzed. The rationality of using prognostic criteria has been confirmed. The possibilities of surgical correction of the spine and chest deformity in children with severe deformities of the spinal column and chest have been evaluated. The tactics of surgical correction and management of infants and young children has been proposed.


thoracic hypoplasia; hemithorax; infantile scoliosis; non-segmented rod; VEPTR instrumentation


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