Socio-hygienic and clinical-and-diagnostic characteristics of patients treated by external fixation technique for skeletal bone fractures

Воронцова Т.Н., Тюляев Н.В., Соломин Л.Н.


The investigation held in the all of traumatological-and-orthopedic departments of the St. Petersburg state hospitals using transosseous osteosynthesis technique in their work has allowed to obtain the total picture of the method usability. The significant moment consists in the fact that unlike standard monolocal sample the results of which are always seriously influenced by the preference of the head and the physicians of a single department of one city hospital, the multicentre investigation has allowed to summarize the data of the technique preferred on the basis of physicians’ work of the whole megapolis in a single unit.


fractures; transosseous osteosynthesis (external fixation); epidemiology


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