Current approaches to surgical treatment of plantar fasciitis (literature review)

Reznik L.B., Erofeev S.A., Silantiev V.N., Turushev M.A., Kuznetsov N.K.


There is no general consensus among experts regarding terminology, pathogenesis and treatment of heel spurs. Surgical treatment of heel spur is considered for patients who have not responded adequately after 6-12 months of conservative therapy. Although there is no evident association between the presence of osteophyte in the heel and plantar heel pain removal of exostosis is still viewed by many experts as the main purpose of surgical management. Another option includes plantar fascia release surgery aimed to relieve tension of plantar aponeurosis and improve pain. Surgical treatment of the proximal plantar fasciosis is reserved for degenerative, non-inflammatory cases to increase collagen regeneration and plantar fascia vascularity.


heel pain syndrome, plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciosis, plantar fascia release, radiofrequency microtenotomy

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