Comparative evaluation of adhesive activity of the bacterii, isolated in patients from their osteomyelitic focus, as well as from open fracture wounds

Науменко З.С., Шипицына И.В.


Adhesive properties of 340 clinically significant strains of the bacterii, isolated in patients of the departments of open trauma and purulent orthopedics have been studied. All the studied strains of microorganisms had adhesive properties. The distribution by adhesiveness degree is different in the groups examined. The ability to adhesion in the strains isolated from patients with chronic osteomyelitis is reliably higher in comparison with the strains isolated from open fracture wounds. The highest adhesive activity is characteristic of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Streptococcus spp. strains.


adhesive properties of bacterii; persistence; chronic osteomyelitis; wounds


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