State of locomotor tissues for bone injuries under stimulation with fetal bone tissue extract (experimental study)

Кононович Н.А., Петровская Н.В., Горбач Е.Н., Ступина Т.А., Лунева С.Н., Ковинька М.А.


Comminuted leg bone fractures (B2–B3 type) were modeled in adult mongrel dogs and immobilized using a transosseous device. The details of bone tissue reparative regeneration and the condition of the femoral condyle articular cartilage were studied in the conditions produced, as well as in case of osteogenesis stimulation with fetal bone tissue extract. It was revealed that the use of fetal bone tissue extract alongside with the stimulating effect of osteogenesis, characterized by reducing the periods of involved bone consolidation, decreases the degree of histostructural articular disorders, thereby demonstrating the possibility of optimizing the adaptive-andregenerative reserves of the locomotor system tissues involved.


experiment; bone; articular cartilage; comminuted fracture; extract; fetal tissue; stimulation; regeneration


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