The special features of regenerated bone formation in treatment of lower limb comminuted fractures by transosseous osteosynthesis method combined with hirudotherapy(experimental-and-morphological study)

Якиманская Ю.О., Горбач Е.Н., Осипова Е.В., Степанов М.А.


The roentgenomorphological specific features of regenerated bone have been studied in 42 dogs during treatment of comminuted fractures by transosseous osteosynthesis method supplemented with hirudotherapy. Hirudotherapy technique has been established to contribute to posttraumatic edema subsidence, capillary bed development and osteogenesis stimulation, that is confirmed by clinical, roentgenological and morphological data.


hirudotherapy; traumatic fracture; transosseous osteosynthesis; roentgenography; reparative regeneration of bone tissue


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