Comparative evaluation of densitometry values through osteotropic therapy for the knee arthroplasty

Азизов М.Ж., Алимов А.П., Рустамова У.М., Якубов Ф.У.


Purpose. To undertake a comparative study of the efficiency of medication correction influence on remodeling processes of the bones forming the knee before and after the knee arthroplasty.
Materials and Methods. Clinical and densitometric investigations performed in patients with terminal-stage gonarthrosis and mineral bone density decrease who underwent the knee arthroplasty. All the patients were females with the mean age of 57 years. X-ray densitometry (dual-energy absorptiometry) performed before surgery and 12 months after it. The patients were divided into the main group and control one depending on further treatment regimen.
Results. Densitometry data analysis before and after surgery demonstrated a reliable increase in bone density after surgery in the patients of the main group who received osteotropic preparations comparing with the control group values. Bone density increase in the main group by the end of the year amounted to 60.0%, in the control group – to 18.8%.
Conclusion. Osteotropic therapy in patients with marked osteoporosis should be started not later than six months before the knee total arthroplasty.


the knee (joint), arthroplasty, loosening, densitometry, therapy


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