Treatment of closed clavicular fractures using various osteosynthesis variants

Мартель И.И., Дарвин Е.О.


Medical reports of 124 patients with clavicular fractures treated using various variants of transosseous osteosynthesis have been studied. The main osteosynthesis variants applied to the clavicle in case of its shaft fractures have been described. The results of surgical treatment of clavicular fractures in the periods up to one year after the device removal have been followed. The errors and complications for the used variants of clavicle surgical treatment have been analyzed. Comparative evaluations for each used variant of clavicle osteosynthesis have been demonstrated. The open reposition of fragments with intramedullary wire fixation has been revealed to cause the most number of complications. The variant of closed transosseous osteosynthesis of the clavicle should be an alternative to it.


clavicle; fracture; transosseous osteosynthesis; intramedullary wire


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