Transosseous osteosynthesis in complex treatment of bone cysts: immunological considerations

Чепелева М.В., Борзунов Д.Ю., Злобин А.В., Митрофанов А.И., Швед Н.С.


The parameters of cellular and humoral immunity have been studied in 35 patients with solitary bone cysts at the stages of osteoplastic filling of cystic cavity. There were No changes revealed in the systemic immune response parameters before surgical interventions, the level of the main class immunoglobulins in peripheral blood and bone punctate had No statistically significant differences. The moderate decrease of lymphocyte number, the increase of immature neutrophils and mature ones was registered under tension conditions by compression or distraction of bone fragments and at the stage of fixation. The parameters studied did not differ reliably from the initial ones and they did not extend beyond the boundaries of physiological norm 1–5 years after the fixator removal.


bone cyst; cellular immunity; humoral immunity; transosseous osteosynthesis


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