The substantiation of graft length calculation for flexor tendoplasty in the “restricted” area

Бейдик О.В., Зарецков А.В., Щербаков М.А., Адамович Г.А.


The problems of the importance of tendinous graft length determination in tendoplasty of 2–5 finger deep flexors have been considered. The mathematical modeling of finger flexion function has been made by us with evidencing the function disorder in case of the improper choice of tendinous graft length. An anatomical study using cadaver material has been performed, and the regularity of the graft length dependence on the main finger phalanx length has been deduced. 48 patients were treated using preliminary determination of graft length and early postoperative rehabilitation according to H. Kleinert with obtaining 74 % of good and excellent results.


tendoplasty, mathematical modeling; graft length choice


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