The problem of the knee osteoarthrosis modeling in dogs for the purpose of pathogenesis studying (experimental morphological study)

Шевцов В.И., Макушин В.Д., Степанов М.А., Ступина Т.А.


The preliminary results of experimental osteoarthrosis modeling in dogs by the knee immobilization and femoral artery cutting are presented. The immediate results of the assessment of articular cartilage morphofunctional condition evidence the development of dystrophic changes, manifested themselves in death and destruction of a part of chondrocytes, disorder of extracellular matrix homogeneity and decrease of morphometrable parameters – cartilage thickness, volume and number density of chondrocytes. The changes mentioned appear as a result of disordering the metabolic processes in articular cartilage evidencing the decrease of synthesis and the prevalence of catabolic processes. Under these experimental conditions the articular cartilage cambium has been the most vulnerable – it is an intermediate zone, the cells of which are equidistant from both the vascular and synovial nutritional factors.


articular cartilage, experimental osteoarthrosis modeling, morphology, morphometry


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