Clinical-and-radiological substantiation of the use of the femoral components of proximal fixation for the hip endoprosthetics

Сеидов И.И., Загородний Н.В., Хаджихараламбус К., Веяль Н.М.


for implantation of proximal fixation femoral components CORAIL (DePuy) and TAPERLOCK (Biomet) in 2 groups of patients with coxarthrosis of different etiology and aseptic necrosis of the femoral head. 126 patients underwent 131 surgeries of primary total endoprosthetics using «Corail» stem, 95 patients — 103 surgeries of primary total endoprosthetics using «Taperlock» stem. Clinical assessment of the hip condition was made according to Harris scale, supplemented by the evaluation of the pain level for femur by a visual analog scale at three levels. In the process of assessing the clinical and radiological results of the femoral components in both groups the preference of using the proximal fixation femoral components has been revealed in all age-related groups, especially in young and active patients.


proximal fixation, femoral component, distribution of load


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