Osteosynthesis stability for experimental fractures of the proximal humeral end

Набиев Е.Н.


A new device (Author Certificate No. 42528 PK) for osteosynthesis of proximal humeral fractures has been developed. Osteosynthesis stability of proximal humeral fractures using traditional fixators and the new device has been studied experimentally. As a result of the experimental studies it has been established that the application of 2,5‑fold greater efforts is required for the fixation stability disorder of the fracture modeled with the device proposed, than for fixation with T‑shaped plates, and those 3,5‑fold greater than for fixation with wires and using the wire. The data obtained in the process of experimental study reliably evidence the feasibility of using the new device in clinical practice.


humerus, fractures, stability, experiment, fixator


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