Treatment of a patient with combined injury and diaphragm rupture (A case report)

Гончарук Э.В.


The case report is presented: male patient M., 22 years old. The diagnosis on admission: combined injury. Open fracture of right
leg bones, displacement of fragments. Chest and liver contusion. CT examination has revealed the displacement of the liver to the thoracic cavity, its upper margin being at the level of rib 5; S4, S6, S9, S10 atelectasis on the right, suspected diaphragmatic rupture. Postoperative diagnosis: combined injury. Posttraumatic diaphragmatic rupture on the right. The contusion of the lower lobe of the right lung. Open comminuted fracture of both leg bones in the middle third with displacement of fragments. Closed fracture of the main phalanx of the right hand finger III without displacement. Early postoperative period was uneventful. The patient was discharged in satisfactory condition on Day 14 for outpatient treatment.


open fracture, combined injury, posttraumatic diaphragmatic rupture


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