Congenital patellar dislocation and femoral lengthening

Буравцов П.П.


The work deals with the problems of femoral lengthening and surgical elimination of the patellar dislocation of congenital etiology. 21 patients were observed who underwent femoral lengthening and patellar dislocation correction at different times. The results of femoral lengthening are compared before and after patellar dislocation repositioning, and in two patients – for simultaneous femoral lengthening and dislocation correction. The results of lengthening are analyzed for the congenitally shortened femur complicated by severe patellar dislocation in six patients and in two of them – by flexion-and-extension contracture and posterolateral rotary subluxation of the leg as well. The best functional results have been obtained for femoral lengthening after preliminary elimination of patellar dislocation.


patellar dislocation, the knee (joint), femoral shortening, surgical treatment of patellar dislocation, femoral lengthening, the Ilizarov fixator


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