Silicone sockets for functional prosthesis of the hand

Kruglov A.V.


Develop a technology of manufacturing silicone sockets for functional hand prosthesis.
The technology of fabricating sockets for functional hand prosthesis made of high temperature vulcanization (HTV) silicone was developed and tested for the first time in the practice of domestic prosthetics, including the traditional stages of molding, positive reproduction, and manufacturing of sockets. However, there are technological peculiarities in each of the stages that enable to manufacture a comfortable individual full-contact socket for hand prosthesis made of silicone that was successfully used in active and functional prostheses and prostheses with external power in patients with congenital and amputation hand defects.
The technology has a number of advantages over traditional ones, as it provides comfortable conditions for full contact and partial loading of the residual segment of a clubshaped hand stump in the liner socket of the prosthesis. These properties of the liner socket allow the production of the most skeletonized carrying socket made of composite material for reliable attachment of the components of functional hand prostheses to it.
Successful trials of the liner sockets of the hand prosthesis made from HTV silicone created the conditions for a wider application of this silicone brand in the manufacture of a new generation of sockets for upper and lower limb prosthesis.


hand defect, prosthetics, hand prosthesis, liner socket, HTV silicone, active prosthesis of the hand, working prosthesis, hand prosthesis with external power

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