Complex treatment of a female patient with multiple developmental abnormalities using surgical intervention and prosthetics/orthotics

Губин А.В., Корюков А.А., Резник А.В., Рябых С.О., Савин Д.М., Михайлов А.Г., Мухтяев С.В., Пухов С.П.


Study Design. Presentation of a clinical case of weight bearing and walking function recovery in a female patient with chronic osteomyelitis of pelvic bones, myelomeningocele and stumps of both femurs.
Object. The clinical example of verticalization in a young girl, 26 years old, who got over both femur amputation in childhood and moved around in a wheelchair. Multiannual sitting position and moving around in a wheelchair caused developing the contact chronic osteomyelitis of pelvic bones and, moreover, the patient suffered from myelomeningocele and Spina bifida of open form when both femur prosthetics was impossible without preliminary surgical preparing.
Method. The authors made staged surgeries in order to arrest osteomyelitis, myelomeningocele elimination, as well as they performed primary prosthetics of the both femur stumps in combination with the lumbar spine orthotics (a brace of thermoplastic material) Result. The patient was verticalized for the first time in her life with walkers that was realized in the possibility of standingand ambulate.
Discussion. The observation demonstrates the need for multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation of the patients with polysegmental and
complicated pathology of the locomotor system.


osteomyelitis, myelomeningocele, Spina bifida, surgical treatment, stump, prosthetics, orthotics


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