The effect of EHF-range electromagnetic radiation on reparative osteogenesis for fracture healing under transosseous osteosynthesis (experimental-and-morphological study)

Ирьянов Ю.М., Ирьянова Т.Ю., Дюрягина О.В., Ирьянова В.Н.


The morphological features of reparative osteogenesis have been studied experimentally in rats for bone fracture healing under the conditions of transosseous osteosynthesis performance and EHF-range electromagnetic radiation influence. Irradiation was made simultaneously with two radiators (EHF noise spectrum) in the occipitoparietal zone and in that of fracture for 10 minutes every other day. Both the formation of regenerated bone and the consolidation of fragments have been established to occur earlier, as well as the processes of reorganization and compactization of newly formed bone tissue – to occur more rapidly, the degree of its maturity – to increase, comparing with control.


EHF-range electromagnetic radiation, reparative osteogenesis, bone fracture, transosseous osteosynthesis


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