Endoscopically assisted anterior decompression for fractures of lumbar vertebrae

Паськов Р.В., Сергеев К.С., Сагитов Р.Ш., Фарйон А.О., Малишевский В.М.


The results of anterior decompression are presented in 20 patients with comminuted fractures of lumbar vertebrae accompanied by spinal canal critical stenosis. The monitoring at the stage of decompression in the study group (n = 10) was performed using a video endoscopic bar, in the control one (n = 10) – "ad oculus". The use of endoscopically assisted anterior decompression for lumbar vertebral injuries allowed to decrease the duration of surgery and reduce the amount of intraoperative blood loss (p less 0.05).


anterior decompression, spinal canal stenosis, endoscopic technique, lumbar injuries


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