Reconstruction surgery for dislocated hips in children with cerebral palsy

Popkov D.A., Chibirov G.M., Tomov A.D.


Introduction The article is a literature review focusing on reconstruction surgery for dislocated hips in children with cerebral palsy (CP). Material and methods Publications in Scopus, PubMed, RSCI indexed journals over the past 20 years were reviewed for hip dislocation in children with CP. Results and discussion The article discusses the prevalence of the orthopaedic complication of cerebral palsy, pathogenesis, diagnosis, indications to surgery, choice of surgical technique, early rehabilitation and long-term outcomes. A report made for the first educational meeting of the European Pediatric Orthopaedic Society held in Russia at the Ilizarov Center in 2021 was used for the contribution. Conclusion Surgical treatment is indicated for hip dislocation in children with CP using holistic approach and principles of single-event multilevel surgery that suggest hip reconstruction, addressing contractures and deformities of the subjacent segments and creating conditions for postoperative postural management. Standardized indications, patient selection and optimal time for intervention are to be carefully considered for the procedure with the use of customized orthopaedic implants and techniques.


cerebral palsy, hip dislocation, hip reconstruction, multilevel surgery

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