Chondromas and multiple enchondromatosis

Lascombes P., Mainard-Simard L.


The chondromas are a cartilaginous proliferation of mature appearance and moderate size, reason why these tumors are regarded more like hamartomas than real benign tumor. Chondromas represent 10 to 12 % of benign bone tumors. Any bone of an enchondral ossification may be involved. Several bones can be involved, and the disease is called “chondromatosis”. In the review we describe clinical and radiological findings of this pathology as well as indications for reconstructive surgery.
Material and methods
The review is dedicated to isolated chondromas, periosteal and extraskeletal chondromas, chondromatosis.
The aspects of epidemiology, clinical presentation, radiology, MRI, prognosis, indications and methods of surgical treatment have been described in the article for each types of chondroma and enchondromatosis.
Chondromas are benign bone tumors which may be responsible of pathologic fractures. Their surgical treatment consists in curettage and bone grafting or bone-cement filling with or without osteosynthesis. Multiple enchondromatosis should be considered as an osteochondrodysplasia. Its treatment is not the treatment of the multiple chondromas themselves, but of the bone deformities and length discrepancy induced by the disorder. The transformation of some tumors in chondrosarcomas in adolescence or adulthood needs a strict follow up of these patients.


chondromas, diagnostics, surgical treatment

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