Reconstructive surgery in recurrent deformity (clubfoot relapse)

Lascombes P., Popkov D.A., Leonchuk S.S.


Recurrent clubfoot deformity may be due to either an imperfect initial correction, or a natural history of a severe disease. In the later, idiopathic clubfoot is uncommon. In the review we describe reconstructive surgery in recurrent deformity of idiopathic clubfoot.
Material and methods
Surgery may be justified at different age and according to the type of deformity. Different surgical approaches and their indications are exposed in the article.
After Ponseti’s method application additional surgeries may be considered in recurrent clubfoot deformity which may represent 10 to 20 % of cases: second Achilles tenotomy, postero-lateral relapse, complete antero-medial and postero-lateral relapse, transfer of the anterior tibial tendon, correction of sequelae: metatarsus varus, residual equinus, residual rotation of the calcaneopedal unit.
Idiopathic equine varus clubfoot is a frequent condition. Well-codified management should lead to extremely favorable functional results. Unfortunately, some cases lead to a recurrence of the deformity. Surgical procedures are sometimes required. The goal is to avoid as much as possible arthrodesis and secondary degenerative arthritis.


clubfoot relapse, surgical treatment

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