The monitoring value of ultrasonography in the treatment of bone union at the docking site after tibial bone transport by accordion maneuver

He G., Zhou X., Shi Y., Wang D., Yu J., Xing H., Yin H., Zhang J., Liu H., Wang B., Jia Y., Zhang Y.


To explore the value of ultrasound in the treatment of bone union at the docking site by accordion technique.
Sixteen patients were recruited. The accordion operation was performed at the docking site after bone transport. The specific operation process was compression, suspension of adjustment, distraction, retraction. Ultrasound was used to monitor the hematoma, blood flow and callus in and around the docking site at each stage.
(1) At the compression, there were 14 cases with hematoma and 2 cases without hematoma. (2) The size of hematoma was negatively correlated with the bone healing time of the docking site and the blood flow resistance index. (3) The Adler grading of blood flow gradually increased before the retraction, and then gradually decreased. But the degree of callus mineralization continued to rise.
(1) Ultrasound can dynamically monitor the change trend of hematoma, blood flow and new callus at the docking site during accordion operation, so as to predict the tendency of bone healing at the docking site. (2) This study can preliminarily demonstrate that the compression stress applied in accordion technique can promote the bone healing at the docking site.


ultrasonography; accordion maneuver; hematoma; blood flow; bone callus

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