Features of bone metabolic processes when using composite porous titanium implants with diamond-like nanocoating

Макарова Э.Б., Захаров Ю.М., Рубштейн А.П.


The experiment was performed in 26 adult rabbits. The enzyme activity of bone tissue in the implementation of porous titanium implants with a diamond-like coatings (a-C) saturated with autologous adherent bone marrow cells, in the area of bone defects have been investigated. When using PTi (a-C) the features of osseointegration consisted in earlier and more pronounced osteogenesis activation, which was accompanied by activation of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, as compared with PTi. One of the mechanisms that provided the increasing energy needs of the developing bone was the activation of aerobic processes.


porous titanium, implants, diamond-like coating, bone, metabolism


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