Outcomes using the Ilizarov external mini-fixator for Monteggia fractures in children

Li K., Rong S., Zheng C., Teng Y., Li H., Liu L., Zhen K., Shen X., Feng J., Li F.


To evaluate the use of Ilizarov external mini-fixation in the treatment of Monteggia fractures (dislocation of the radial head with an associated fracture of the proximal ulna) in children.
Children with proximal ulnar fracture were included and underwent fracture reduction surgery with Ilizarov external mini-fixators, followed by immobilization of the supinated forearm with plaster. The reduction was evaluated intra-operatively using arthrography. Mackay criteria were used to evaluate clinical outcomes at follow-up.
A total of 15 children were included in the study. Mackay efficacy was 100 %, indicating excellent outcomes using the Ilizarov external mini-fixator.
Use of the Ilizarov external mini–fixator is particularly suitable in the treatment of children with comminuted and compression fractures of proximal ulna. It is easy to operate, low invasive and is worthy of promotion.


children, ulna, Monteggia fractures, Ilizarov mini-fixator, arthrography, plaster immobilization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18019/1028-4427-2021-27-3-319-321


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