Opportunistic infection contamination in children and adults with the locomotor system pathology

Корыткин А.А., Шлякова Е.Ю., Балмусова Е.А., Мусихина И.В.


The preoperative real-time examination of adult patients with degenerative-and-dystrophic involvements of the hip, who were admitted to the Institute for endoprosthetic surgery, and those of children with congenital hip dislocation and congenital club foot has been performed by the technique of polymerase chain reaction in order to reveal opportunistic infection agents. Cytomegalovirus infection was revealed to predominate in children (patients) and mycoplasmatic infection – in adults. The necessity of preoperative screening of patients for the presence of opportunistic infections has been substantiated, as well as that of performing adequate therapy, that allows to eliminate the factors prognostically unfavorable for the outcomes of surgical treatment in patients with the locomotor system diseases.


children, congenital hip dislocation, congenital club foot, the hip endoprosthetics, opportunistic infections, real-time polymerase chain reaction


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