Basic methodological approaches to organization of rehabilitation services in an orthopedic-traumatological center

Губин А.В., Орешков А.Б., Насыров М.З., Корюков А.А., Резник А.В., Гончарук Э.В., Кобызев А.Е., Смелышева Л.Н., Чакушина И.В., Марченкова Л.О.


The authors covered the problem of organization of rendering rehabilitation care for orthopedic-traumatological patients in the large federal center inpatient setting. They analyzed the foreign publications and those of our country in the given direction, as well as the legislative documents regulating the identified problem. Moreover, they proposed the staged algorithm of performing rehabilitation measures, specified the methodological approaches for the implementation of rehabilitation programs. The main units of the rehabilitation system for its successful functioning determined.


orthopaedics, traumatology, rehabilitation, legislative basis, methodological approaches, multidisciplinary cooperation


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