Diagnostics of tumor-like leg bone involvements

Тарасов А.Н., Крошкина В.А., Мочалов А.П.


Bone tumor-like involvements have the clinical and radiological signs similar to benign and malignant tumors. 365 patients with tumorlike involvements (22.4 %) were treated in Astrakhan clinics within the period of 1970-2010. Such processes in the leg bones are unevenly distributed with some topic predisposition. We took the possible parameters of pathological focus radiation imaging (focus location and shape, destruction character, bone cortex condition) into consideration. These signs have specificity for a certain nosological form. The results obtained allow to suggest the correct diagnosis by clinical-and-radiological manifestations with a certain amount of reliability, as well as to determine a type of the surgery required which depends on the process nosology, prevalence and localization, thereby contributing to the lower limb weight-bearing recovery.


leg bones, tumor-like involvements, diagnostics


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