Contractility of femoral muscles for biomechanical disorders of their functioning conditions in patients with the hip pathology

Олейников Е.В., Долганова Т.И., Долганов Д.В., Тёпленький М.П.


The evaluation of femoral muscle contractility has been made using the dynamometric test stand developed at RISC “RTO”. Three groups of patients were singled out: Group I – 15 patients (8±1.5 years) with the hip dysplasia; Group II – 15 patients with dysplastic coxarthrosis (13.7±2.8 years); Group III – 20 patients with the hip ankylosis (17.0±3.0 years). The conservative treatment performed in patients with the hip dysplasia contributes to complete recovery of femoral flexor muscle strength. The following different behaviors of working intact limb muscles were singled out in patients with the hip ankylosis: I – the work aiming at femur spatial moving on the hip ankylosis side through pelvic position changing, II – that aiming at moving the intact limb directly. The improvement of biomechanics of the femur operated in patients with dysplastic coxarthrosis one year after surgical treatment contributed to complete recovery of femoral abductor muscles, strength recovery of the muscles responsible for flexion and extension of the operated femur in patients with the hip ankylosis amounted to 85-95% of intact limb values.


dynamometry, femoral muscle strength, the hip pathology


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