System rehabilitation of patients with plegiae, "spastic hand" syndrome in living conditions ("hospital in the hand")

Орешков А.Б., Абдулрахим М.


Purpose. To evaluate the efficiency of the developed system of rehabilitation of patients with plegiae in the forearm and hand area.
Materials and Methods. The authors presented a new conceptual algorithm of clinical orthotic support (RF Patent N 2550049) in complex treatment of patients with plegiae and “spastic hand” syndrome on the basis of low-temperature plastic properties, as well as on the conditions of using an individual set of “hospital in the hand” orthoses in the rehabilitation individual program. They demonstrated a clinical example of using the proposed rehabilitation algorithm in a patient with plegia of central origin.
Results. The new method of orthotics allowed providing an increase in the amplitude of motion of all the segments of the forearm, wrist and the hand small joints. It complemented other rehabilitation technologies including surgical ones. The result of the patient’s system rehabilitation within a year consisted in the improving the hand function, perfectioning the patients’ self-service, enhancing their quality of life, reducing the time for handling the disabled by normal family members.
Conclusion. The increase in the efficiency of complex treatment of the patients with “spastic hand” consists in the involvement of multidisciplinary team of specialists. Coordinated actions of the specialists should be implemented in comparing definitions when registration of medical documents.


“spastic hand” syndrome, orthotics, electrical neurostimulation


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