What happens to post-burn surgical rehabilitation in the Ural Federal District? Ways to improve health carey

Korostelev M.Y., Shikhaleva N.G., Gubin A.V., Ryabykh S.O., Borzunova O.B.


Eleven million burn injuries have been recorded in the world annually, and 180 thousand of them result in death. Burns are the fourth leading cause of trauma. Mortality in adult patients with burns in the Russian Federation is 4.8 % and 5.3 % in the Ural Federal District.
Materials and methods
A retrospective analysis of statistical data on the provision of specialized inpatient medical care to patients with thermal trauma in the regions of the Ural Federal District for five years has been undertaken.
In most regions of the Ural Federal District, there are no transfer protocols for patients with burn injuries. The load on the existing capacity of hospital beds in the regions is uneven. Most of the thermal trauma patients in specialized departments are treated conservatively. Not a single "burns" department of the Ural Federal District has a certified plastic surgeon.
The following organizational measures are a need: introduction of a unified approach to statistical reports, deployment of surgical beds at departments for burn injury management to provide specialized medical care to patients with various wound defects, referral transfer of patients with the consequences of thermal injury to a specialized federal institution and creation of a unified register of burn patients.


combustiology, burn, plastic surgery, thermal injury, wound defects

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18019/1028-4427-2020-26-3-403-407


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