Advantages of the Marlo anatomical socket (MAS) for transfemoral prosthesis

Gusev M.G., Lein G.A., Alzoba S.V.


Transfemoral socket designs commonly used with ischial tuberosity as the key weight-bearing part or accomodating the ischial tuberosity show some inefficiencies. The most recent advancement in socket design has provided transfemoral amputees with new options, however, it is not well known in Russia.
To explore theoretical and practical aspects of fabricating the Marlo anatomical socket (MAS) for transfemoral amputations and evaluate its application in clinical settings in Russia.
Material and methods
The new ischial containment socket design was shown to have advantages over conventional transfemoral sockets using comparative ichnographic studies.
The MAS socket demonstrated improved cosmesis and appearance for the patient, increased sitting comfort, greater range of motion for the prosthetic limb and enhanced stability.
The technology requires no additional equipment and special fixturing. The new socket design can be successfully used by prosthetists in Russia to allow above knee amputees benefit from properly fitting socket.


transfemoral amputation, socket, prosthetic, lower limb

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