Age-related special features of hemocoagulation changes for the hip or knee arthroplasty

Антропова И.П., Юшков Б.Г., Рейно Е.В.


The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of age on the character of changes in the hemostasis system dynamically in 77 patients underwent the large joint arthroplasty. The parameters of coagulation, fibrinolysis were analyzed, as well as anticoagulants. Slower recovery of the level of prothrombin complex factors has been revealed, as well as less marked reactive thrombocytosis, higher activity of fibrin formation and lysis, greater activity of PAI-I reflecting endothelial dysfunction in the postoperative period in elderly patients in comparison with middle-age patients. Conclusions. More intensive fibrin formation and more pronounced endothelium damage in elderly patients may increase the risk of postoperative deep-vein thrombosis in comparison with middle-age patients.


total knee or hip arthroplasty, hemostasis system, advanced age


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