To the question of using balloon kyphoplasty in surgical treatment of aggressive vertebral hemangioma (case report)

Zaretskov V.V., Arsenievich V.B., Likhachev S.V., Stepukhovich S.V., Shul’ga A.E., Mizyurov S.A.


Aggressive vertebral hemangiomas represent 4 % of all hemangiomas. Percutaneous vertebroplasty is typically considered as the first-line treatment option for aggressive hemangioma. The lesions that involve the entire vertebral body, extend into the cortical bone constitute 44 % of all vertebral hemangiomas. Extra-vertebral cement migration is reported to occur in 40 to 87.5 % of the cases at percutaneous vertebroplasty being less with the use of balloon kyphoplasty. There is a paucity of literature examining surgical treatment of aggressive hemangiomas with balloon kyphoplasty. We report two cases of aggressive vertebral hemangiomas involving the entire vertebral bodies treated with balloon kyphoplasty. The treatment provided good outcomes with no complications observed postoperatively.


spine, hemangioma, complication, balloon kyphoplasty

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