Analysis of ultrasonographic picture of the urinary system in patients with spine-and-spinal cord injuries

Бакарджиева А.Н., Блюденов Д.Н.


The ultrasound examination of the urinary system state has been performed in 55 patients with spine-and-spinal cord injuries (SSCI) in the acute, intermediate and late periods of the course of spinal cord traumatic disease. It has been established by the results of examinations that diffuse changes in renal parenchyma, dilatation and deformation of the renal pelvicaliceal system (PCS), the presence of concrements, thickening and heterogeneity of the bladder wall structure, the presence of suspension in the bladder cavity, the increase of prostate volume with vesiculitis signs is observed in the patients of this category. The above-mentioned changes have been revealed mainly in the late period of SSCI in patients with the motor and sensory disorders present.


spine-and-spinal cord injury, urinary system, ultrasonography


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